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Scripture points to a plurality of elders or overseeing brethren in the local churches. It may thus be assumed that even though there was doubtless one of two or more men taking definite leadership in respect to OFFICE in the first century, the authority was left in the sum total of the recognized elders.

The Pastor of Bible Fellowship Church is Dr. Brent Roth.

The current Board of Elders of Bible Fellowship Church and their telephone numbers are:

Dr. Brent Roth:  260-486-2741
Bob Fessel:  419-399-3398
John Mohr:  260-466-5906
Jack Fetter:  419-587-3660
Art Simonin:  419-771-9059


Dr. Brent Roth

Bible Fellowship Church
1040 West Wayne Street
Paulding, OH 45879

Bible Fellowship Church